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Likely TO

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BlackishTulips · 12/03/2022 13:39

“You likely weren’t infected with covid-19 when the test was done”

It grates.

Anyone else?

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PAFMO · 12/03/2022 15:36

I don't see what the problem is.
It's a synonym of probably and is both an adjective (likely to + verb) and an adverb.
Or am I missing something?

BlackishTulips · 12/03/2022 18:57

It is likely that you were not infected.

So it sounds ok along with ‘that’.

It sounds so wrong in the covid text message!

Maybe just me x

OP posts:
ResurrectionInfinity · 13/03/2022 17:47

It’s not just you. I don’t regard it as a synonym for probably. I regard it purely as an adjective.

BlackishTulips · 15/03/2022 12:54

Nice to know i’m Not alone!

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