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I wouldn't get phased by it

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kennelmaid · 11/03/2022 19:10

It's "fazed" not "phased", isn't it?

OP posts:
Shouldbedoing · 11/03/2022 19:11

Yes it is.

StrawberryLollipops · 12/03/2022 09:41

Wasn't there a long thread on this somewhere?

I wanted to add something I saw today for the first time....

I don’t panda to her (re 3 year old's temper tantrums) Grin

kennelmaid · 12/03/2022 13:27

Grin yes, I've seen that one too!

Phased seems to be used a lot on MN and I've seen it used in newspaper articles. I'm no grammar expert, but I am quite confident about spelling and the meaning of words. When an error is made often, I get a bit twitchy, as though I might be wrong after all!

OP posts:
ThreeKneeRepeater · 12/03/2022 13:30

I saw this used on MN today and someone apologetically corrected it later in the thread.
It does annoy me.

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