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Replace with but substitute for

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BoredBoredBoredB · 26/02/2022 20:36

I came across this on a BBC webpage:
“If preferred, substitute chickpeas with butterbeans or cannellini beans.”

I would say either:
“If preferred, replace chickpeas with butterbeans or cannellini beans.”
“ If preferred, substitute butterbeans or cannellini beans for the chickpeas”

However, I come across this so often, I’m wondering is it just me?

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upinaballoon · 27/02/2022 17:43

No, it isn't just you. Your use of the words seems right to me.

DoubleYouOhEmAyEn · 27/02/2022 18:18

'I substitute with ' but 'they are a substitution for'.

BoredBoredBoredB · 27/02/2022 18:34

Thanks @upinaballoon
@DoubleYouOhEmAyEn you are with the writer on the BBC website, then. Why ‘substitution’ rather than ‘substitute’?

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