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I fear my Dh has been lurking on MN

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charlieandlola · 30/12/2007 18:52

We were in Starbucks today, and there was a blackboard next to our table saying :
"Choose from our range of Christmas Coffee's.
All Coffee's available to take home today."

Dh rubbed out the offending apostrophe's whilst I looked at the floor and pretended not to be with him.

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BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer · 30/12/2007 18:54
AllieBeHomeForChristmas · 30/12/2007 18:55


hunkermunker · 30/12/2007 18:56

at apostrophe's

andfranksentthis · 30/12/2007 18:58

Saw this in a local coffee place.... " Come and join are reading group" I couldn't stop laughing.

WigWamBam · 30/12/2007 19:05

Apostrophe's? Apostrophe's?

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