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DS got a birthday card saying "Happy Birthday, your 3 today"

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fireflyfairy2 · 30/12/2007 15:58

How did this get printed? And are there more out there like this?

I opened the card & read it four times before I voiced it to dh who didn't see anything wrong with it

I'm not going to write a letter of complaint or anything....seriously, just wondering how this could possibly get by the people who are paid to check this sort of thing...

Happy Birthday, your 3 today.

Also, inside: "now that your Birthday's here"

I'm uncertain of this.. of course the apostrophe replaces the missing 'i' but is it correct???

OP posts:
LadyOfWaffle · 30/12/2007 15:59

I don't get what's wrong with the inside [dim]

MaryAnnSingleton · 30/12/2007 16:00

who sent it ?

fireflyfairy2 · 30/12/2007 16:05

It was a shop bought card.

My sister sent it, but she wouldn't have noticed the "your" mistake

LOW it might be nothing wrong with the 'now your birthday's here' bit, that's what I wanted to know

OP posts:
BroccoliSpears · 30/12/2007 16:05

We had a Christmas card that said "Hear is a card for people who don't believe in Father Christmas..." [wince].

fireflyfairy2 · 30/12/2007 16:07

Oh Broccoli.. there's no hope for the future generations is there?

OP posts:
newnamefornewyearbookwormmum · 30/12/2007 16:07

The inside apostrophe is a bit unnecessary, printing the i would hardly taken any longer.

The front is wrong.

WanderingHolly · 30/12/2007 16:09

I would be unable to have such a card on display.

LadyOfWaffle · 30/12/2007 16:10

On the subjects of cards, but not the printing my Dhs aunt spelt my SIMPLE name sarhra - I had that at primary school! Honestly.

fireflyfairy2 · 30/12/2007 19:17

I have told before how an aunt of my dh's spells my son's simple name "Nóagh"

I think she thinks it's a new fangled Irish name rather than the biblical name it so obviously is!!

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 30/12/2007 20:08

lol fireflyfairy !!

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