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upinaballoon · 24/01/2022 16:22

A message was left on my phone by a woman who said she was ringing back in 'regards' to an earlier call which I had made. My instinct is to say 'regard' in that instance, and to tell myself that 'regards' are what you send to Auntie Millie's next-door-neighbour when you write a letter to Millie.
I looked in two dictionaries and now I have read them both carefully I think that I am correct and 'regards' is the right word only when it is used in the sense of 'best wishes'.
Does anyone know anything to the contrary?
Do you have any similar examples?

OP posts:
QueBarbaridad · 24/01/2022 17:25

Give my regards to your mother.
With regard to our meeting.

Yes, I hear and see ‘with regards to’ quite a lot but it still sounds wrong.

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