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Christmas pedantry

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JackieNoel · 17/12/2007 19:19

Am I the only one who writhes inwardly when people sing
'Glad tidings we bring
To you and your king'?

It would be churlish to correct them, but I really, really want to. (And yes, I do realise how up myself this makes me sound. Sorry).

OP posts:
Magrat · 17/12/2007 19:21

personaly I like the

"Good King Wenslas Last looked out"

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 17/12/2007 19:22

I feel normal in here

Magrat · 17/12/2007 19:22


JackieNoel · 17/12/2007 19:39

Ah yes, Magrat - another good one. (Did you see the news about Terry Pratchett having Alzheimers, btw?)

OP posts:
Magrat · 17/12/2007 19:45

yes .. I am une homage

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