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AIBU? Starbucks (and others) policy on heating babyfood

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aaronmum1 · 08/12/2007 22:29

I went to debenhams cafe today and it took them 30 minutes to heat up the glass jar of babyfood because they could not put it in the microwave for 20 seconds for "health and safety reasons" i am sick of this excuse - it makes no sense!! starbucks used to hand you a very dangerous bowl of boiling hot water yet they would not put in the micro. what health and safety rule is this are the big stores really just discouraging parents and babies?

OP posts:
MsHighwater · 10/12/2007 21:55

I loathe this "Health & Safety reasons" crap.

What it really means is "we want to make absolutely sure that, under no circumstances, can you ever attempt to sue us for even the most ridiculous reason imaginable so we'll make sure that you can't ever take the vaguest pretence of a risk within spitting distance of us".

The interpretation of Health & Safety rules by many organisations is NOT about protecting us from harm but about protecting them from litigation. The same goes for a lot of Child Protection procedures.

Saturn74 · 10/12/2007 21:57

fear of litigation.
as ever.

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 10/12/2007 21:58

Can I just save time and direct you to this thread from the weekend.

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