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'Let's shop safe'

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pigsDOfly · 24/07/2021 14:22

I was in Boots this morning, waiting in a small queue, and notice a couple of signs urging people to wear masks in the shop.

'Let's shop safe' was written at the top in jolly looking, 'dancing' letters.

I realise the message is supposed to be 'inclusive' and make Boots appear friendly but why, in God's name, do the people responsible for writing these things feel they have to mangle the English language to that extent in order to get their message across?

OP posts:
Buggerthebotox · 24/07/2021 14:27

It's a bit clunky, but incorrect? I guess you should use "safely" rather than "safe" but I can't get worked up about it otherwise.

"Shop safely" as an alternative perhaps?

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2021 16:09

Well, it isn't correct.

Of course it should be 'safely'.

This is pedants' corner, surely it's exactly the sort of thing pedants get 'worked up about' Grin

OP posts:
Buggerthebotox · 24/07/2021 17:20

It's a slogan though - maybe not required to be technically correct to convey the meaning of the message. Iykwim.

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2021 17:31

Yes, I know it's just a slogan and I understand what you're saying.

You're probably right, they want it to be 'catchy'.

I just found it very jarring, which probably explains why pedants' corner appeals to me.

OP posts:
Buggerthebotox · 24/07/2021 17:39
butterpuffed · 24/07/2021 18:57

That article is stating that Companies are advertising with what they call 'unconventional grammar'.

We pedants simply call them Marketing Department's 'unnoticed errors' Grin

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting · 24/07/2021 18:59

That makes my teeth itch.

AdaFuckingShelby · 24/07/2021 19:00

Hurray for pedants! Grin

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2021 20:07

Buggerthebotox Thanks for that article. Yes it did interest me.

It talked about young people playing with word order and grammar to set themselves apart from older people, or words to that effect, as if that's new thing. It isn't.

However, in days gone by 'word play' of that type wasn't taken into general usage and accepted as 'the new correct' as it is now; much to the dismay of pendants everywhere.

butterpuffed Yes, the 'unconventional grammar' made me Hmm too.

It's no longer acceptable to talk of good or bad, correct or incorrect grammar because language evolves and anything goes now. So now we must talk of 'unconventional grammar'.

OP posts:
dementedma · 24/07/2021 20:10

Similar to "Buy local" which I hate.

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 24/07/2021 20:18

Whilst in a covid queue for Tesco last year, I saw this monstrosity. I’ll take the incorrect use of safe rather than safely over this!

'Let's shop safe'
FelicityBeedle · 24/07/2021 20:21

I’d say that’s a bit different, it’s derived from ‘buy local products’ surely

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2021 20:32


That's truly dreadful.

OP posts:
BeingATwatItsABingThing · 24/07/2021 20:34



That's truly dreadful.

Yep! I teach primary children and their grammar is better than that. I was incredibly tempted to take it down, mark it and hand it in at the customer service desk with a note to see me in their break time. Wink
Buggerthebotox · 24/07/2021 20:47

The Tesco notice is horrendous. Shock.

I read somewhere that 9% of the UK adult population is functionally illiterate. I find that shocking.

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 24/07/2021 20:49


The Tesco notice is horrendous. Shock.

I read somewhere that 9% of the UK adult population is functionally illiterate. I find that shocking.

I find that believable, unfortunately.
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