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Help with Christmas card greeting

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Scanner · 25/11/2007 22:14

Hello Pedants

Unfortunately I am not one of you although I'd love to be. Can I please ask for your help?

I started a new business this year and would like to send a Christmas card to all my Clients, I'd like the wording to be something like:

Warm thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Is it acceptable to have two 'ands'?

Do you think this is ok or can you think of something better?

I would really appreciate it.

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JustJaamy · 28/11/2007 01:01

Hi Scanner.

I'm not an expert but I never like to see an unanswered thread!

However, it does appear that you are thanking your clients for Christmas and the New Year.

Scanner · 28/11/2007 12:36


You are a sweetie. x

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Lulushmulu · 28/11/2007 20:18

I think the message is fine as it is, but if you wanted to be more precise you could say "Warm thanks for [describe work] and best wishes ..." etc.

People generally don't read the printed part of Christmas cards that closely, unless it's obvious howlers like Seasons Greetings. My publishing company employer sent out a corporate card with the missing apostrophe to all their major clients (of course, if editorial had been asked to check it, the mistake would have been spotted).

Scanner · 29/11/2007 18:35

Great idea - thank you.

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