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High B12 levels.

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AH110m · 09/06/2021 14:09

My DD ( 19 months ) has had a high fever for a few weeks on and off. Our first child so we are very concerned. She lost her appetite completely and our GP advised us only to worry if she stops passing urine regularly. Her fever reached 39.8 and is stable now but she is sleeping a lot during the day up to 5 hours, always looks tired and at night is not settling. To add she had a full blood test and her B12 levels were very high. Dr Google has freaked us out with what B12 does in the body so it is high has us extra worried. The rest of her blood works are fine including her kidney and liver.
Has anyone else experienced this or are we going way overboard with worry? This is her first official illness and she started nursery a few weeks ago and has been on and off with illness since.

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DadDadDad · 09/06/2021 19:43

I'm really to sorry to read this - it must be worrying - but you've posted in the wrong board. You might want to ask MNHQ to move it, or just post again.

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