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Would have

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LovelyGirlCompetition · 24/05/2021 23:56

It's would have, should have, could have. I can't take it any more Grin

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FortVictoria · 25/05/2021 00:02

Indeed it is! But those that use “would of”, “should of” and “could of” probably aren’t reading Pedant”s Corner, so you are preaching to the converted Smile

FortVictoria · 25/05/2021 00:03

Even Pedants’ Corner!

LovelyGirlCompetition · 25/05/2021 00:06

Thank you. I realise this but I just had to say and I didn't want to make any individual feel bad. It was either this or shouting on someone's thread.

OP posts:
Hyppogriff · 25/05/2021 00:19

Hahahaha yes agreed! It’s very annoying !

campion · 25/05/2021 02:15

Just popped in to see if anyone else had had enough of 'should of' etc.
I feel better now Wink

Topseyt · 25/05/2021 02:19

I agree. It is highly irritating. Absolute butchery of the English language.

ElizabethTudor · 25/05/2021 02:23

Here here.
I’m seeing that too many times too. It’s doing my head in. 🙄

Furrybutts · 25/05/2021 03:23

I'm not even a pedant and it annoys the hell out of me, so I can only imagine how you feel.

One of my local radio presenters says 'I seen' every single day and I feel like throwing the radio through the window!

LovelyGirlCompetition · 25/05/2021 07:46

Thanks all. I feel better now Grin

OP posts:
80sMum · 25/05/2021 07:51

I agree with you. It's very irritating.

I also find myself getting slightly twitchy every time I see "defiantly" used when the writer clearly means "definitely".

Chemenger · 25/05/2021 07:57

Sometimes it just has to be said. I’m a lecturer, and before the students submit written work I remind them of my “Rouge Gallery” of forbidden errors, would of, incorrect use if it’s and its, and the spelling of gases are in there. The students who have English as a second language look at me as though I’m insane, the British students argue with me. (And yes, it is called my Rouge Gallery, it’s a joke that usually only I get).

BelleBlueBell · 25/05/2021 08:02


Here here.
I’m seeing that too many times too. It’s doing my head in. 🙄

Maybe it's an autocorrect but it's hear hear Grin

As in I hear you, sista Grin
OytheBumbler · 25/05/2021 08:04

Why can nobody abbreviate etc anymore? All I see is ect which is something else entirelyConfused

Lipz · 25/05/2021 08:09

OMG, it's doing my head in. I'm reading threads and shouting HAVE, not OF.... There's so many, it really is annoying.

LovelyGirlCompetition · 25/05/2021 08:36

I know we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, typos etc., but the standard is so low!

OP posts:
LovelyGirlCompetition · 25/05/2021 08:38

ElizabethTudor I know. 😁

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