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ofwarren · 30/04/2021 20:57

I saw a new misspelt word today on Facebook. It was for a dancing event based on Strictly Come Dancing.
The person who was selling the tickets called it strickly three times Confused
I ended up searching for it on twitter and it's spelt that way so many times!

Why does this bother me so much? I really need to learn to ignore it.
I honestly get the rage and I don't know why!

OP posts:
CervixHaver · 30/04/2021 21:28

PLEASE tell me you corrected them?!? I would t be able to settle until I had

CervixHaver · 30/04/2021 21:29


ofwarren · 30/04/2021 21:53

It was on our local Facebook group and the admin isn't a nice person.
I'd have just ended up piled on if I'd have tried.
I just don't understand how he would never wonder what a "strickly" was!

OP posts:
Calamaribabe · 24/05/2021 00:10

The actual programme title annoys me more. I get that it's an amalgamation of two programmes, Strictly Ballroom (from the signs outside the dance halls, meaning that other styles of dance were not permitted) and Come Dancing, but Strictly Come Dancing makes NO sense!

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