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spelling mistakes in a GCSEstandard textbook - should I write and correct them? or am I being incredibly sad?

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harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:31

I have been teaching some GCSE Child Development classes and the standard issue textbook is riddled with errors, some of them really fundamental. For example, in the chapter about birth Caesarean is spelt incorrectly, as is Entonox. Also reflex spelt as relex. The book is in its 6th edition.
Should I write to the publisher and complain or will I look like a sad and lonely women with nothing better to do with my time?

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:32

Harpsi, you'll get people saying you mustn't, I'm sure, but I am here to tell you that you must.

You just must.

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:33

Yes, I think I must.
CIBA? (Can I Be Arsed?)
how are you hinker me old munker?

OP posts:
brimfull · 11/11/2007 23:34

No you should write and tell them...the numptys.

policywonk · 11/11/2007 23:36

If you want the mistakes to be corrected (as opposed to just letting off steam), write a fairly to-the-point note detailing where the mis-spellings are, and if you're lucky it will get taken up by someone conscientious and will be corrected at the next reprint. If you write a green ink letter about the appalling standards of modern-day textbook publishers, your letter will probably be filed in the bin. These things I know from (fairly bitter) personal experience.

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:36

It is shocking isn't it?

OP posts:
OverRated · 11/11/2007 23:37

Yes absolutley. You must write.

hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:38

V well, thank you, Harpsi - full up of VVV's lovely wedding cake You?

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:38

Lol at a green ink letter - I am only teaching part of the course (perhaps one eighth of it) so I am sure I have only seen a few of the errors and I have so far counted seven.
Which means that they haven't had any proof-reading at all, have they?

OP posts:
harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:39

I am just smiling to myself at the irony of having posted in pedants' corner.
I mean, what response was I hoping for?

OP posts:
harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:39

Slightly ovvveeeeeerrrrrstreeeetchhhheeeddddd hunker but only have myself to blame

OP posts:
policywonk · 11/11/2007 23:41

That does sound a bit rubbish. Maybe spell that out (har!) in your letter - 'I have only used one-eighth of the book, and in that section I have discovered the following errors...'. Then they can draw their own conclusions.

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:44

I am turning into a curmudgeon and I am not yet forty.
What grumpydelights are in store for me in my twilight years? I ask, with a certain amount of trepidation.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:46

Oh, know that feeling, Harpsi [twang] You have my sympathy!

And ikwyn re curmudgeonly traits... I'm going to be devil-may-care and say "ah, fuck it" a lot when I'm older because I'm doing all my nitpicky grumping now.


hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:46

Oh, fuck, I spelt ikwym wrong

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:47

Yes, when we are seveny we will be rogue-apostrophising with gay abandon.
yeah, right.....

OP posts:
harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:48


Blimey, it's stressful in pedants' corner.

OP posts:
WanderingTrolley · 11/11/2007 23:51

"Write and correct them..?"

Are you mad?

This means war.

hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:53

Am I the only pedant who wants to see the text book in question and get all ffs about it?

hunkermunker · 11/11/2007 23:54

On the news the other night, there was a sign outside a post office apologising for the postal strike - or something - I lost track of it when I saw they'd spelt apologise "apologice"

harpsichordsahoy · 11/11/2007 23:58

this is it

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 12/11/2007 00:00

Oh, Harpsi, write an Amazon review for it

harpsichordsahoy · 12/11/2007 00:02
OP posts:
Swedes2Turnips1 · 12/11/2007 00:06

Write to the Ethicist in the Times and copy Chris Woodhead c/o the Times too.
It could read:
There are errors (sheet attached) on pages 6, 9, 10,15 and 17 of Pub Science - Biology GCSE textbook. Should I let them know or is it best that Chris Woodhead takes up this pressing matter as I am sure that having received a copy of this letter, by registered post, he would not fail to act and have this on his conscience.
Yours faithfully
Hard Pressed Pedant

cc Chris Woodhead

VeniVidiVickiQV · 12/11/2007 00:09

Go for it harpsi!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 12/11/2007 00:12
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