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Definitely V defiantly

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Cosmos45 · 09/03/2021 18:54

Please.. Can someone please explain this to me.. I can kind of "get" loose/lose there/they're/their.. but recently defiantly has come up multiple times with people I am surprised by.. what's the connection with these words?

OP posts:
CryptoFascist · 09/03/2021 18:55

People using autocomplete and not knowing what defiantly means, I think.

ExcusesAndAccusations · 09/03/2021 19:01

If you’re not great at spelling then you might type definately and end up getting auto corrected.

HairboStrawb · 09/03/2021 19:35

These are two words I often mix up, others I can normally work out myself which is wrong but with these two words I don't know the difference if they are written down. If it's something important I google the word I need every time, if for something informal I just pick whichever one I see fits best and is often pointed out to be the wrong one!

butterpuffed · 09/03/2021 19:40

There isn't really a connection, they have different meanings.

He told his daughter to behave. "No," she said, defiantly. = Rebellious

He asked if she was going to the party. "Definitely," she said = Absolutely certain

idontlikealdi · 09/03/2021 19:44

There is no connection apart from autocorrect.

Cosmos45 · 09/03/2021 21:24

Yes but auto correct only works on a phone.. I am talking about people emailing this

OP posts:
merryhouse · 09/03/2021 21:40

Well, they've typed definately before, and autocorrect has changed it to defiantly (and definately gets a red line so they always remember)

so they assume defiantly is how the word is spelt (it doesn't get a red line)

Some people genuinely don't make the connection between phonemes and graphemes.

(Probably the same people who think that loveeeeee is a good way to indicate emphasis on love)

LaceyBetty · 09/03/2021 21:42

There is no connection between the words. Just that people are spelling definitely wrong.

partyatthepalace · 09/03/2021 21:43

Auto correct

partyatthepalace · 09/03/2021 21:45

... if they aren’t emailing from a phone, they are spelling the word wrong, running spell check and not noticing it’s correcting to a different word.

Megan2018 · 09/03/2021 21:48

I often type Defiantly instead of Definitely, I know the correct usage, spelling etc-there’s no mix up. It’s just fat fingers that type the letters in the wrong order and the spell check doesn’t pick it up as the wrong word.

I know perfectly well how to spell Accountant but yet my fat finger typing does Accountnat about a trillion times a day. That at least does get picked up.

HairboStrawb · 09/03/2021 22:04

I just don't use the words if I can help it, when I text I just put deffo so I don't get it wrong and I try avoid them at work. I know the meanings and in a sentence I understand them but if they were just written with no contact it would take me a while to work out which one was which

MerylStropp · 17/03/2021 16:10

Some people genuinely don't make the connection between phonemes and graphemes.

Thanks - I find it hard to understand, but it explains so much!

CaptainWentworth · 17/03/2021 16:16

@Megan2018 I constantly type ‘accocunts’ (rather than accounts) at work - v v glad that autocorrect picks that one up!

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