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Bare with

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Couchpotato3 · 24/04/2020 16:28

Aaaaaargh! I must have seen this at least three times in the last few days on MN. Its BEAR for God sake.

As you were. I feel better now.

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SoupDragon · 24/04/2020 16:29

It's "For God's sake"

TooTrueToBeGood · 24/04/2020 16:30

Maybe they're naturists.

ParisInTheSpringtime · 24/04/2020 16:31

it’s God’s

ErrolTheDragon · 24/04/2020 16:33

Muphry's Law strikes again.Grin

ErrolTheDragon · 24/04/2020 16:35

Maybe they're naturists.

Or in this lovely sunshine, encouraging some natural vitamin D boosting?

Couchpotato3 · 25/04/2020 23:08

I cannot believe I did that!! Bloody autocorrect - that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

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