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Aldi advert for stationary

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DoYouRememberTheInnMiranda · 31/08/2019 21:44

I just had to do a double take on a thread in Aibu (I think there, a parent & childparking space one). Aldi advertising stationary for the new school year.

I am so proud of myself for noticing this heinous error and I hope you lot here will understand.

That is all.

OP posts:
Dollywilde · 31/08/2019 21:45

“E for envelope”

Gets my goat, it’s not bloody hard!

Abillity2019 · 31/08/2019 21:46
DoYouRememberTheInnMiranda · 31/08/2019 21:48

A stationEr sells stationEry!

OP posts:
Purplerunner · 01/09/2019 07:10

My daughter has just started her final year of primary. One of her spelling words this week was stationery. They need to write it in a sentence. The teacher said it didn't matter which meaning they used, as both versions were spelled the same Hmm

BikeRunSki · 01/09/2019 07:22

I hope you corrected your DD and her teacher @purplerunner.

My DD’s teacher taught them that Victoria Falls was in Kenya. This made me particularly unhappy, but then is the same teacher that had a dressing up day on the anniversary of VE Day to commemorate the end of the First World War.

AnnaBegins · 01/09/2019 07:55

The Aldi buying assistants write the product names and the ecommerce team just copy them with no checks. There used to be a really stringent literacy test to be a buying assistant and spelling mistakes were not tolerated but something tells me it's gone downhill!

crisscrosscranky · 01/09/2019 11:25

Agh! This should be moved to a more prominent board to raise awareness!

I'm an "E for Envelope" pedant too Grin

JennyWreny · 05/09/2019 10:05

I took this photo in Waitrose a few years ago.

Aldi advert for stationary
Leapyearlover · 05/09/2019 10:09

Waitrose?! I am shocked!!

PinkLacy · 05/09/2019 10:10

@Purplerunnerhave you contacted the teacher to correct her?

yellowallpaper · 05/09/2019 10:16

Blush. I would nerdy have noticed or though about this spelling, but googled it and it's glaring!

yellowallpaper · 05/09/2019 10:17

Never! I am nerdy at times though!

Babdoc · 05/09/2019 11:15

Primary teachers carry a heavy responsibility. If they teach incorrect spelling, facts or grammar to impressionable youngsters, it will stick, and be hard to correct later.
Many children believe their class teacher is infallible.
My own DD,at the age of 5, had to correct her teacher’s spelling of lettuce. The wretched woman had chalked “lettice” on the board, and when corrected, tried to claim either way was acceptable!
Over 50 years ago, my own primary teacher actually wrote “yot” for yacht, and “parm” for palm. The class gasped in unison. We were 9, and knew better!

Harls1969 · 07/09/2019 09:57

'E' for envelope, 'Ar' is in car🤷. I also learned that principal is your pal 😂

Purplerunner · 14/09/2019 07:23

I didn't contact the teacher I'm afraid. Didn't want to be labelled as one of "those" mums.

I already had my doubts about him. At a recent Meet the Teacher event, he stressed making sure we emphasised to our children that they should copy down homework exactly as it was on the whiteboard, to make sure they didn't end up "doing it wrong" Hmm

MikeUniformMike · 16/09/2019 18:49

A stationary cupboard is one that's not on castors.

sickofnickelodeon · 18/09/2019 22:09

If you're stationary, you've arrived at your station

Bunnylady53 · 18/09/2019 22:15

How else would you spell envelope?

CarolineKate · 20/09/2019 07:30

When I was younger I made up the rule one coat two shoes for necessary 😁

Metempsychosis · 20/09/2019 07:34

“E is for envelope” is a mnemonic Bunny: a way of remembering that stationEry is the one that includes envelopes.

BahHumbygge · 20/09/2019 07:40

I remember the spelling by imagining the queen has written to me and headed the paper “stationERy” in regal curly font.

Won’t work if we have a Queen Anne or King Arthur as monarch in future though Wink

ourkidmolly · 20/09/2019 08:15

I think that stationery may be on the way out myself. I feel it'll go the way of gaol etc just used by pedants initially and then eventually ridiculous.

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