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Lose loose choose chose bare bear

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Karwomannghia · 05/05/2019 07:48

I can’t bear it I keep seeing loose for lose and chose for choose everywhere and it’s so confusing, it really changes the meaning of the sentence. I’m starting to think I’m the one who’s been getting it wrong all my life! I don’t say anything because it’s rude but just wanted to come and have a little rant with like-minded people!

OP posts:
sighrollseyes · 05/05/2019 08:29

Their, there, they're!!!! Argh my sister always texts the wrong one!!!!

Karwomannghia · 05/05/2019 09:01

Oh yes and your and you’re I’ve given up on!
Oh and don’t get me started on the misuse of apostrophes!

OP posts:
MollysLips · 05/05/2019 11:46

Oh no - are people really writing "chose" for "choose" now? Do you think that's because they've been corrected on the lose/loose thing, and now figure that if something has an "ooo" sound, it must be spelled with a single O?

What gets me almost more than any of this is the lack of punctuation. Nobody punctuates anymore. It's all just run-on sentences, no capitals or full stops. So hard to read.

TheCanterburyWhales · 05/05/2019 12:24

What would people be correcting in "lose" and "loose"?

Karwomannghia · 05/05/2019 12:27

Lots of people write loose instead of lose and some may have found out it’s lose and have therefore decided choose should be chose.

Could be that. I think that’s what’s happened when people write childrens’ instead of children’s, they’re over using the apostrophe at the end of a plural they’re mastered!

OP posts:
TheCanterburyWhales · 05/05/2019 12:34

That's called hyper correction in linguistics. It's what children do when mastering their own language, they learn "go" then "went" (arguably more difficult to grasp than a regular past tense) and then, they learn that past tenses finish with ED etc do start saying "goed" for a brief time until they hardwire the idea of regular/irregular. Quite fascinating when you realise it happens when they're about two!

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