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There is no such word as...

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rageymcrageface · 12/09/2018 19:50


Where in God's name has this all come from? It's so rife on these boards. So many times I've been reading a perfectly reasonable, eloquent post, only to come across one of these "words". I actually fear they will become recognised words and end up in the Oxford Dictionary, just like "selfie". There's probably more that I've forgotten.

I don't claim to be a grammar expert, but these literally aren't even words! I knew I'd be slaughtered if I posted anywhere else about it, so here I am. Does it infuriate anyone also beyond belief? I can't articulate how it makes me feel!

OP posts:
iklboo · 12/09/2018 19:51

I'm glad it's not just me. It can't even be explained away as a typo.

HollowTalk · 12/09/2018 19:54

And 'thankyou', too! The thing is that it shows up as a spelling error - THAT IS THE CLUE!

Yikesisthatmeinthemirror · 12/09/2018 19:55

Yep pisses me off alot Grin

rageymcrageface · 12/09/2018 19:57

Just remembered someone I have on Facebook who always posts where she's "offtoo" Confused

OP posts:
FuckyDuzz · 12/09/2018 19:59

I’ve never seen afew or abit but I genuinely thought alot was a word until fairly recently when someone told me it isn’t
I’ve no idea where I got it from, I’m pretty sure I was taught it was at some point
And I did English Language up to A Levels Blush

Fezzik · 12/09/2018 20:00
Yikesisthatmeinthemirror · 12/09/2018 20:04

That's a work of genius

rageymcrageface · 12/09/2018 20:06

Thank you @Fezzik! That is exactly what I needed Grin

@FuckyDuzz I've seen "abit" at least twice on here in the last half hour!

OP posts:
SwedishEdith · 12/09/2018 20:08

I think alot confusion comes from alright - the 'al' bit.

butlerswharf · 12/09/2018 20:08

Can I add Restbite to the list. EnvySmile

iklboo · 12/09/2018 20:11


rageymcrageface · 12/09/2018 20:12

@butlerswharf Yes! I saw that on here a couple of days ago. Someone being perfectly decent, and kind, and giving advice. But also making up words!

OP posts:
OkPedro · 12/09/2018 20:25

Off instead of "of"
"Can I have a bag off apples"

Angle instead angel always makes me laugh

Oh and anal instead of and all

rageymcrageface · 12/09/2018 21:13

Anal is anew one on me!

OP posts:
OkPedro · 13/09/2018 00:05

anew one eh ragey Grin

Anal "and all" seems to be an Irish thing but I've seen it on a few uk sites recently
I just can't take a person seriously if they type/write crap like that

weegiemum · 13/09/2018 00:30

Earlier I saw "persue".

It could have either persuade or peruse, from context (now I can't find it of course!).

I know about alot not being a word as in primary school I had 100 lines once which said "A lot, not alot" and I had to do them twice because I missed out the comma! 10 year olds these days don't know how easy they have it!

weegiemum · 13/09/2018 00:31

*Sorry, peruse or pursue. Not sure where persuade came from

MissLingoss · 13/09/2018 00:38

I think alot confusion comes from alright - the 'al' bit.

But alright isn't right either. It's all right.

2doubles · 13/09/2018 00:44

Discusting, fumming, draws(drawers)

Purplepinkpurple · 13/09/2018 00:51

'Brought' instead of 'bought'

Purplepinkpurple · 13/09/2018 00:55

I hate when people say 'generally ' instead of 'genuinely'. For example' ' i generally had no idea there was no such word as alot' instead of 'i genuinely had no idea there was no such word as alot'.

BitOfFun · 13/09/2018 00:56

'Alright' is fine. Completely acceptable.

BitOfFun · 13/09/2018 00:59

'Discusting', 'fumming' (and 'rediculous', come to that) are all used ironically on mumsnet, surely?

OkPedro · 13/09/2018 01:12

I kind of understand discusting
The g sounds like a c..
My 9 year old dd thought probably was spelt probaly as that is how she hears it pronounced

AlrightBabby · 13/09/2018 01:29

I've tried and tried, but I can't make disgusting sound like discusting, but I used to know someone who went to a VERY prestigious private school, she was educated to Masters level and ALWAYS wrote alot Confused

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