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endofagain · 29/05/2018 16:30

and "unsociable" are not interchangeable. They are different words with different meanings.
This seems to be a thing on MN recently and it is very irritating.

OP posts:
ErrolTheDragon · 29/05/2018 16:35

The secondary definition of 'antisocial' in various dictionaries is essentially a synonym of 'unsociable' though.
So while I'd agree it would have been preferable to maintain a distinction, it's not wrong to say antisocial instead of unsociable. I'm assuming it's that way round?

ThenCameTheFools · 01/06/2018 15:29

I imagine most of on Pedants' Corner know that difference tbh. Along with uninterested/disinterested etc.

Maybe point it out on the thread where it's pissing you off rather than teach your grandmother to suck eggs?

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