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“Needs putting away” vs “needs to be put away”

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SWS17 · 10/05/2018 20:31

Which is correct? I would always use the second, but I see the first constantly

OP posts:
SuburbanRhonda · 10/05/2018 20:32

“Wants putting away”


Prestonsflowers · 10/05/2018 20:33

Needs to be put away

Balonder · 10/05/2018 20:35

The second. The first is very wrong and you rarely hear it outside the UK

SWS17 · 10/05/2018 20:36

Thank you Prestons. That’s actually a relief! I haven’t heard anyone saying it “my” way I’m such a long time that I was beginning to doubt myself.

OP posts:
drspouse · 10/05/2018 20:38

Either is correct as is "needs put away" if you are Scottish.

FizzyFeet · 10/05/2018 20:38

Definitely the second. I hear/ see it frequently in the UK; maybe it's a regional thing.

While we're on the subject, the construction "Needs put away" grinds my gears every time.

FizzyFeet · 10/05/2018 20:39

Ooh, x-post dr spouse. I didn't know it was accepted usage in Scotland. Sounds so wrong to me!

UnimaginativeUsername · 10/05/2018 20:39

Yeah. I was going to say ‘needs put away’.

WheelyCote · 10/05/2018 20:44

Needs putting away

I'm a northerner living in West's used here too

DadDadDad · 10/05/2018 20:45

Balonder - what makes you think it's limited to the UK. Apparently, for example, something like this is a feature of the Pittsburgh US dialect:

Balonder · 10/05/2018 23:17

I've lived in Ireland (Republic), USA (east coast) and northern England. Have only ever heard people in UK say it. Worked in Asia with lots of Australians and New Zealanders, never heard them use it

TheDuckSaysMoo · 10/05/2018 23:18

Definitely needs put away (another scot).

ThisIsTheFirstStep · 10/05/2018 23:22

First is totally fine, if you check any grammar book, it’s in there.

Not a big believer in going on about ‘correct grammar’ when whole hosts of native speakers use a construction, but it is a standard form.

(Fucking hate ‘I was sat’ though.)

RedLemonade · 10/05/2018 23:24

I think “putting” is a gerund in this context, which I think is technically acceptable. But I’m not certain. I just like the sound of “needs putting away” Grin

Prestonsflowers · 11/05/2018 00:03

I lived in Scotland for 20 years and the first is very common usage there. I mean common as in normal.
It used to really annoy me, but I’m not the Grammar Police. Personally I would never use that expression.

ThenCameTheFools · 14/05/2018 18:46

"needs to be put/needs putting" are both "standard" forms.

"needs put" is also perfectly OK, but more of a regional standard.

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