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Capitalisation for job title in application letter?

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WhippetyStourie · 27/03/2017 10:05

I am writing a letter of application for a job as a library assistant. I generally wouldn't capitalise a job title e.g. 'Give the letter to your teacher .' However, in sample letters, I notice that it seems to be the done thing to write, 'I am applying for the position of Library Officer.' I can see that in this case perhaps it's a title but what if I just want to say, ' As a library assistant, I would ...' And perhaps it's better to have consistency of style throughout. Can anyone clarify?

OP posts:
PastysPrincess · 08/04/2017 15:18

My understanding is that if it is a title it needs capital letters.

StoorieHoose · 08/04/2017 15:19

Yep. Job title should have capital letters

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