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There's a grocer's apostrophe on the BBC homepage.

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Pseudonym99 · 26/03/2017 08:48

If the BBC cannot get it right...

There's a grocer's apostrophe on the BBC homepage.
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IamNotDarling · 26/03/2017 08:57


IamNotDarling · 26/03/2017 09:00

Yesterday I got the rage when I saw a sign for "model's required for trainee's evening's".

roundtable · 26/03/2017 09:10

Do you write Mothers' Day or Mother's Day?

I always think it should be the first one and write it that way as it's a day for more than one mother but it's always spelled the second way.

Veterinari · 26/03/2017 09:26

I just saw 'more than we can bare' as subtitles on a Telegraph news video Sad

RustyBear · 26/03/2017 09:33

I just went to check - because I saw that story earlier today and I couldn't believe I missed the apostrophe - and it's not there.

Either it's only on the app/mobile site, or they've edited it!

IvyLeagueUnderTheSea · 26/03/2017 09:35

We have this debate at work every year Round. In my mind it should be mothers' as the day belongs to all mothers.

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach · 26/03/2017 09:49

I thought the glaring one was in day's?

Pseudonym99 · 26/03/2017 10:03

They've fixed it. Although should there be an apostrophe in 'Mother's'? Is it not an abbreviation for Mothering?

There's a grocer's apostrophe on the BBC homepage.
OP posts:
Pseudonym99 · 26/03/2017 10:05

I thought the glaring one was in day's?

That was the one I was referring to!

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByUser54321 · 26/03/2017 10:06

In that case it would be Mothering Sunday.

roundtable · 26/03/2017 11:21

I must have missed those threads Ivy. Blush

My dh got a mug for me from the kids. He's working away so isn't here at the moment. He's terrible for rushing his writing and making grammatical errors.

Part of the message on the mug says -

'We love you so much and your the best mummy in the world.'

I'm going to correct it in permanent marker and see how long it is before he notices. Grin

IvyLeagueUnderTheSea · 26/03/2017 13:55

Round, it's not a thread here, it's a conversation at work.

Mother's Day is the American term for the secular celebration.
Mothering Sunday is the British term for a Christian festival.
Mother's day is not a corruption of Mothering Sunday, they are two different (albeit virtually identical) things.

roundtable · 26/03/2017 14:51

Ah okay. That would be why I hadn't seen it!

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