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off of?

5 replies

ditzychick34 · 25/11/2016 21:48

Is there every a correct time to say off of? I can't think of any but it seriously irritates me when people use it for everything

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 25/11/2016 21:55

Iirc, when using certain quotes from Shakespeare or classical poetry, you'd be correct to use off of but usually, it's incorrect.

MrsWembley · 25/11/2016 23:49

'Ger'off of me!'



VintagePerfumista · 28/11/2016 06:47

Generally it's not correct, no. Simply because the "of" is redundant in the type of sentence where you often find people use both. Redundant because "off" (in those sentences) is already a preposition of movement, and therefore there's no need to add any further "meaning".

You rarely find 2 prepositions together unless they form multi-word verbs. (get on with, look up to etc)

brightestblue · 28/11/2016 07:08


"Get off me!" would suffice!

MrsWembley · 29/11/2016 22:25

Not where I'm from!Grin

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