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Pie charts

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DadDadDad · 09/11/2015 22:29

Not a language peeve for once, but still a point for pedantry. What is wrong with this picture? (Not the made-up data - that's me trying to be funny - but what's wrong with the way it's presented).

Pie charts
OP posts:
DadDadDad · 11/11/2015 23:34

OK - three charts illustrating outgoings plucked from flashy literature produced by three charities (completely made up in my head). If they were all 2D, a quick inspection would reliably answer the following question. As it stands, I think purple and mittens will be hard put to answer.

Which charity spends the least proportion of its outgoings on admin and which the most?

Remember you can click on the picture to see a larger version.

Pie charts
OP posts:
derxa · 08/12/2015 07:05

I don't like the phrase 'bad grammar'. Incorrect grammar? Poor grammar?

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