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Today is not November 6th

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BitOutOfPractice · 06/11/2015 08:21

It's November the 6th. Or the 6th of November

Just heard a DJ say "November 6th" on the radio. Drives me round the bend.

And yes I know I would write it 6th November. But I would never say that.

Disclaimer: I may be unreasonably grumpy as I've just heard there's a new Coldplay album coming out soon

OP posts:
mercifulTehlu · 06/11/2015 08:24

You're quite right, it's very annoying. Commiserations on the release of the new Coldplay album Grin.

Mintyy · 06/11/2015 08:25


SenecaFalls · 06/11/2015 21:12

It's November 6th where I am. Wink

And it's "Twenty Fifteen" for crying out loud. At some point, people need to stop saying Two Thousand, etc.

Pipbin · 06/11/2015 21:18

I agree with it being the sixth.

Saying November 6th sounds like a film trailer.

I don't think I've heard anyone saying two thousand and fifteen, just twenty fifteen.

TPel · 06/11/2015 21:28

It might be 6th Of November, but I just caught 6 seconds of Coldplay at the end if TFI and I'm really not happy at all.
I need more Wine to get over it.

SenecaFalls · 06/11/2015 21:31

People are still doing the "two thousand" thing here in the US. It pisses me off. But not as much as would having to listen to Coldplay.

PseudoBadger · 06/11/2015 21:31

It's like how Mid-East is creeping in too

JocelynWildensteinOnABroom · 06/11/2015 21:34

I bloody well hate Coldplay too. I get laughed at for my views on the matter. Am so pleased to discover I'm not alone!!

ThreeSpike · 07/11/2015 02:35

I say two thousand and fifteen. What is wrong with that? I don't think I hear anyone saying twenty fifteen.

SenecaFalls · 07/11/2015 15:13

How do you say 1915? Or 1066? It made some sense to say two thousand in the "oughts" although we could have said twenty-o-one with no problem. It is only in the 21st century that we have decided to say "thousand." It's not a big deal, I just find it strange.

BitOutOfPractice · 07/11/2015 15:31

I realise by the way, that my thread title is a self fulfilling prophecy

OP posts:
SwedishEdith · 09/11/2015 22:44

I say two thousand. I think twenty will start to sound ok when we get to 2020.

(Why are there 2 weird empty threads in the section?)

ThreeSpike · 12/11/2015 00:19

Oh, I get it now. I suppose it is a bit funny when you think about it. I guess later in the century we'll start shortening.

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