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'30 days or less' or '30 days or fewer'

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WixingMords · 06/07/2015 17:00

Countable or plurals are general paired with fewer aren't they?

But isn't there an exception with measurements?


OP posts:
HippyChickMama · 06/07/2015 17:08

I would say '30 days or less' or 'fewer than 30 days'.

MrsHathaway · 06/07/2015 17:39

It's not whether you can count them, but whether you can only count them.

You need context for days.

For example, days are discrete for visas - if you are intending to spend fewer than ninety days in Hathawayland you do not require a visa.

But they are continuous in astronomy - a Mars year is less than 700 days.

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