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If you paid good money to have a sign printed to advertise your business...

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PacificDogwood · 20/03/2015 21:43

… would you not check and double-check the spelling?
Or expect the printer's to correct a spelling mistake?
Or is this a possible spelling of 'trophy'??

It's life-sized too Shock

If you paid good money to have a sign printed to advertise your business...
OP posts:
expatinscotland · 20/03/2015 21:44

And check the person in the ad doesn't look like he's about as enthusiastic as a corpse?

PacificDogwood · 20/03/2015 21:46

He's like that in RL too Grin

OP posts:
BuildYourOwnSnowman · 20/03/2015 21:55

We have a dry cleaner that specialises in 'leather and swede'

ShatnersBassoon · 20/03/2015 21:58

There's a dressmaker near me who specialises in 'bespoke bridlewear'. She's not as good looking as trophie man either.

Optimist1 · 20/03/2015 22:00

Dread to think how any engravings would be spelled on his trophies!

thatstoast · 20/03/2015 22:01

I emailed Bella Italia two weeks ago about an error on their kid's menu. I only looked at it because mumsnet were promoting it so heavily. Now I get annoyed every time I see the advert in the side bar. It hasn't been updated, people just don't seem to care.

The error is in the drinks section:
You’re first drink is free! Fancy another juice or mocktail? Only 50p extra!

lockie1983 · 20/03/2015 22:03

There's one called "cats' and dog's" near me totally outs self I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with checking signs ...

PacificDogwood · 20/03/2015 22:03

I read 'bridlewear' as 'brindlewear' Grin

Clearly I should not mock - I seem to not be able to read and my proof-reading of my posts on MN is sadly lacking

OP posts:
scousadelic · 20/03/2015 22:06

DCs and I have sniggered for years at a local shop called "Fugde Corner". Sadly they have been refurbished and now fudge is correct

If you paid good money to have a sign printed to advertise your business...
Ubik1 · 20/03/2015 22:07

We have a massive sign near us which says 'biodeisel for sale'

PacificDogwood · 20/03/2015 22:10

Oooh, don't get me started on 'ie' and 'ei' - they are two totally different sounds in German and should never be confused but often are.

Wien - German name for the capital of Austria
Wein - alcoholic drink made from grapes

Small, but important difference Grin

OP posts:
iklboo · 20/03/2015 22:28

I present

Sofa's, Bed's & Mattresse's.

My vitreous humour curdled at that.

MrsFlannel · 20/03/2015 22:32

In Chester there is the Marlbororough Arms!

expatinscotland · 20/03/2015 22:34

Best I saw was back in the US, for a car valeting business called Jus' 4 U . . . cuz we take pride in yo' ride.

MrsFlannel · 20/03/2015 22:36

Toast I just did some Googling to see if I could find out who is responsible for Bella Italia's copy and found this gem on a site proclaiming they are

Positioned as their lead digital agency for over a decade, we've helped create some digtial experiences for the brand which have gernrated their fair share of what we like to call 'Mamma Mia!' moments. You can read more about our relatisnhip below.


PacificDogwood · 20/03/2015 22:39

and 'gernrated' Grin

That sounds a bit… wrong! In every sense of the word.

OP posts:
thatstoast · 20/03/2015 22:45

Well I can see why my email has been ignored. I'm not sure whether this makes it better or worse Confused

Stealthpolarbear · 20/03/2015 22:49

and digtial

Stealthpolarbear · 20/03/2015 22:50

dont you step on me blue turnip shoes

SlinkyB · 20/03/2015 22:55

A new tattoo shop opened fairly recently near me. I don't wish to out myself, so will replace the actual name with 'Dave'. They heavily publicised their wonderful sign, as did the sign writers.

Dave's Tattoo's

As if you would trust the tattooist.

PacificDogwood · 21/03/2015 08:54

Oh, a tattoo artist who does not know his apostrophes - that cannot be good for business Grin

OP posts:
SlinkyB · 21/03/2015 09:04

It took every being of my moral fibre not to comment something along the lines of "Dave's Tattoo is what?" Grin The sign is massive and neon too.

Love the trophie man in your op!

thatstoast · 21/03/2015 09:10

Have you all seen the Bon Jovi Tattoo that someone had?

"It's is my life" Shock

PacificDogwood · 21/03/2015 10:33

There's a brilliant webpage with lots of misspelled tattoos - I wonder whether litigation as been sought and won in cases of misspelled body art?!
Maybe there are specialist law firms out there, you know, like those ambulance chasers personal injury ones?

OP posts:
MirandaGoshawk · 07/04/2015 21:36

There are so many wrongly-spelt signs Sad.

Every time I go past Hair Gem's I really hope that it's owned by someone called Gemma. And the apostrophes in plurals - why does it seem to be so hard (as in mattress's etc).

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