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What did the word 'about' ever do to offend people?

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Alsoflamingo · 05/03/2015 11:37

Am I the only one who winces when the word around is used instead of about? So, for instance, one commonly hears people saying 'discussions around education' instead of 'discussions about education'. It is EVERYWHERE and puts my teeth on edge. IMO it sounds rather shifty and underhand too - as if one is skirting around a subject. Definitely a new pernicious trend and am surprised it is not more regularly railed against. Pedantic rant over…..

OP posts:
ScathingContempt · 07/03/2015 22:33

I think they think it makes them sound fancier somehow. It might be intended to make the discussion more wide ranging so instead of sticking to a specific issue, the discussion will include topics linked to it...? I'm grasping here though.

MirandaGoshawk · 09/03/2015 15:02

I agree with you OP. Although I have to admit to not having actually heard it used like that don't get out much Grin.

MonstrousRatbag · 09/03/2015 15:05

I loathe it. The same people tend to say 'issues around' as well. Agree with Scathing: this is the same instinct that makes people say 'myself' instead of 'me'. And 'leakage' instead of 'leak'.

GingerCuddleMonster · 09/03/2015 15:07

come to Wales "about" seems to be used quite a bit;

"wha are 'ewe on about"
"I saw it, round about b' there"
"well I neva', I've never 'eared about that befo'"

however we also say things like
"whose boots are them shoes" and "I'll be there in a minute now" Grin.

JessieMcJessie · 16/04/2015 05:06

Absolutely agree Flamingo. DH does this now and again, I give him a Hard Stare and remind him that he is not in the office now. Like you, it just reminds me of "talking around the subject" which is a standard phrase meaning not getting to the point.

"discussions around HR issues" is the bastard sibling of "space" as in "he's working in the HR space now".

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