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How is Aspergers pronounced? J or G?

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NoiseNoise · 04/01/2015 11:49

I pronounce it like asper - j ers, but hear it pronounced as it is spelt, asper -g-ers. Which one is correct ?

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dementedpixie · 04/01/2015 13:29

I say it with a hard G sound not a J sound.

SconeRhymesWithGone · 04/01/2015 14:46
Hurr1cane · 04/01/2015 14:47

It's always been pronounced with a J sound here by doctors.

Not ass- burgers

PacificDogwood · 04/01/2015 14:49

Hard G.

Grin @ 'ass-burgers'

LynetteScavo · 04/01/2015 14:51

J here.

prism · 04/01/2015 17:01

There's no soft G in German (ask Angela Merkel), so unless Asperger's name is a loan word, which it almost certainly isn't, its definitely a hard G.

But there is a soft G in "German". Smile

ouryve · 04/01/2015 17:14

Given that Mr Asperger's first name was Hans, I assume a hard G.

This has it pronounced both ways

ouryve · 04/01/2015 17:16
SconeRhymesWithGone · 04/01/2015 18:07

I would argue with that Cambridge US pronunciation. I have never heard it pronounced with a soft g in the States.

ByTheSea · 04/01/2015 19:39

So this thread clears up the issue then...Hmm

TheFirstOfHerName · 04/01/2015 19:47

I think the most accurate pronunciation would be with a hard G, but even eponymous syndromes become Anglicised, so a soft G has also become acceptable.

NoiseNoise · 11/01/2015 17:34

Cripes, sorry, forgot about the thread Shock

Ok, thanks all for replying Thanks

I've been using a soft g (J), but nobody said it was an incorrect pronunciation, or indeed a correct one. Thought it might be a regional/other country thing Smile

Thanks again. Must admit, I prefer the soft g sound. I have Aspergers, so you'd think that I'd at least pronounce it correctly, wouldn't you? Grin

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