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Why are people constantly talking about "bits"?

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PolyesterBride · 02/09/2014 10:13

As in "I'm going into town to get a few bits for school" or "I'll just get her some bits for her birthday".

It really annoys me! Not sure why, but I would prefer it if they said "stuff" or "things".

OP posts:
SconeRhymesWithGone · 02/09/2014 15:06

In the US, we don't say "bits" much so I was surprised to learn that in the UK, the pulp in orange juice is often called "bits" even on labels.

PolyesterBride · 02/09/2014 22:52

People have definitely started saying bits more

Girly bits (for genitals)
Juicy bits (for fruit pulp)
Buy some bits (for things/shopping)
Snazzy kitchen bits to buy
She was in bits.
The funny bits

Just don't like the word! Not pedantry as such I guess though...

OP posts:
JessieMcJessie · 13/09/2014 06:30

Would you mind if they said "bits and pieces"? It's just a contraction of that I think.

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