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EBearhug · 16/07/2014 22:43

felt I needed to see this - []

(It might have something to do with my on-going battle to get him to learn the difference between your and you're.)

I have since been told it's a parody of Robin Thicke, but somehow, although I am aware of the controversy he's caused, I have managed to get through the last year without ever having heard the original, so that side of things passed entirely over my head.

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EBearhug · 16/07/2014 22:43

Try again

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Nanny0gg · 16/07/2014 23:13

Then surely he needs it more than you do?

Brilliant video though!

kickassangel · 16/07/2014 23:37

Would love to use this in class but wonder if words like spastic would get me into troouble.

EBearhug · 16/07/2014 23:40

Yes, I did raise an eyebrow at spastic.

And to be fair to my colleague, English is his second language, so I allow him a little leeway. When I'm feeling generous, anyway.

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