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One for the pedants

5 replies

streakybacon · 18/06/2014 10:03

Made me smile

OP posts:
bouquetofpencils · 20/06/2014 22:59
SanityClause · 20/06/2014 23:03

I'm definitely curled up in a feeble position after reading that!

SanityClause · 20/06/2014 23:05

And, actually, I think your thread title should have been "One for the pendants". Wink

streakybacon · 21/06/2014 09:05

I rather love the idea of post-dramatic stress disorder. It conjures up some wonderful images Grin.

OP posts:
littlesupersparks · 21/06/2014 09:14

Star-craving mad - love it :-)

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