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Is it not wrong to say 'Me and my siblings' any more? looking at YOU CAITLIN MORAN

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TroyMcClure · 10/06/2014 17:06

Me and my siblings were obsessed with Mayall’s talent

headline in the Times

OP posts:
DadDadDad · 10/06/2014 22:40

Surely it's precisely because the correct form "my siblings and I" sounds quite formal, that Moran would use a more colloquial form like this. Anyway, is it a quote from the text of the column, because the headline would not have been written by her?

badtime · 10/06/2014 23:45

In the context quoted, it is obviously incorrect. However, I tend to be much more bothered when people write 'x and I' where it should be 'x and me'.

I see it all the time. Some people seem to be convinced that '...and' I is always right and '...and me' is always wrong.

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