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Advice or Advise.

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morethanpotatoprints · 22/04/2014 18:16

Hello, looking for help here.
My dh the grammar school pedant has explained this and I still don't get it.

I am confused as to which word to use and when to use it.
My main problem is practice and practise.
He explained that I should substitute the practice for either advise or advice and it would help

So, go and do your practise because that is what I advise, is this correct?

Also, when would I use practice?

Anybody who can explain in simple terms please.

OP posts:
CoteDAzur · 22/04/2014 18:19

No, that is not correct.

I give an advice (noun). I advise (verb) against that.

I'm going to basketball practice (noun). I practise (verb) my shots.

Gremlingirl · 22/04/2014 18:21

As far as I know, advise and practise are the verbs, so the doing words (to use a very simple term from my childhood) and practice and advice are nouns.

I practise the piano. I did my piano practice.

He gives good advice. She advised me to take the motorway.

Prepared to be proved wrong though!

Helpys · 22/04/2014 18:21

The -ice ending is the noun.
So 'I advise you to practise', but 'do your piano practice'
Which Doctor's practice do you advise I visit?

Nowitscleanugobshite · 22/04/2014 18:22

I remember it by thinking of "ice" as a noun.

morethanpotatoprints · 22/04/2014 18:24


in fairness to dh, I probably misunderstood, like I usually do.
I think I have it now thanks.
I will cut and paste this and put it on my desk top.
I know that is sad, but sometimes it takes a while to actually stay between my 2 ears. Grin Other times, with other rules, no problem

OP posts:
AphraBane · 22/04/2014 18:33

What confuses the matter further with practice/practise: in American English practice is used for both the verb and the noun. Thus you might read something (online, for instance) from a respectable source which gives the verb form as practice, while a British source would use practise.

Helpys · 22/04/2014 21:01

So do I nowits just don't think of 'did you ice the cake?

MaidOfStars · 01/05/2014 17:10

A very clever lady once told me: Cats are Spayed (C for the noun, S for the verb).

A (doctor's) practice/to practise medicine.
A (driving) licence/ to license someone to drive.

WowOoo · 01/05/2014 17:16

Try to think of it as a thing or an action, noun or verb. That always helps me if I get confused.

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