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Now I'm in a *really* bad mood.

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ohtanmybum · 29/12/2013 08:47

I woke up feeling quite chirpy, then some woman masquerading as a journalist on BBC News, who apparently does not know the meaning of returned, said "The ferry had now returned back to port .... ". I am going to deduct £1.00 from my licence fee every time she uses this tautological abomination. Angry

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perplexedpirate · 29/12/2013 09:04

Thanks, that's my Sunday ruined.
Where do I send my tersely phrased letter?

ohtanmybum · 29/12/2013 10:51

[email protected] - the fragrant Samira Ahmed will love you for drawing this execrable crime to her attention and weep bitter tears that your Sunday has been ruined, as do I.

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ohtanmybum · 30/12/2013 10:04

And now some twerp Environment Minister said 'rebate back' on this morning's news. The clue is in the 're' isn't it?

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