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It's unfazed, not unphased

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senmerrygoround · 03/11/2013 21:03

Grrr, it's starting to annoy me how many people get it wrong.

I've just seen a photo caption in a national newspaper with this mistake Shock

OP posts:
bigbadbarry · 03/11/2013 21:13

Hooray, yes it is :)

Reality · 03/11/2013 21:16

Don't be fazed, it's just a phase.

senmerrygoround · 03/11/2013 21:45
OP posts:
Nanny0gg · 04/11/2013 10:23

It's down to the sheer laziness of using a spellchecker and not bothering to read it properly.

Don't newspapers (especially online ones) have sub-editors any more?

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