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When did bought and brought become interchangeable?

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Prissyknickers · 11/09/2013 04:18

Has anyone else noticed this? It drives me crazy.

OP posts:
TheFallenNinja · 11/09/2013 04:45

It all started when correcting people was deemed mean. Probably on the same day the meek inherited the earth.

SubliminalMassaging · 11/09/2013 06:12

It has never been interchangeable, it's just that some people don't listen/read properly and confuse the two. It irritates me no end, but I am told I must just get over it, and it doesn't really matter as language is 'fluid' apparently. Hmm

The difference between lend and borrow seems to confuse some people too. And many, many more.

Trazzletoes · 11/09/2013 06:16

They're not they're not they're not they're not.

Some people genuinely don't know, though, and some people struggle with the "brou" sound.

Cooroo · 11/09/2013 06:37

Language is fluid of course. But that's no excuse for getting stuff wrong!

SubliminalMassaging · 11/09/2013 06:53

Exactly! the 'but language is fluid and evolves' thing seems to be a get out clause for all sorts of shoddy shite.

Bunbaker · 11/09/2013 07:03

It is just wrong and bad grammar, as is borrow and lend the wrong way round, learning and teaching the wrong way round and using the apostrophe for plurals. I work in publications and have spent too many years proofreading to just be able to ignore anything that has been badly spelled or written grammatically incorrectly. (she says, hurriedly re-reading this post)

Relaxedandhappyperson · 11/09/2013 07:13


Lots of people don't know the difference, but then lots of people don't know their arse from their elbow. It doesn't make the two interchangeable.

JumpingJackSprat · 11/09/2013 07:19

it amused me no end that an ex friend managed to get an english degree but still doesnt know the difference between brought and bought. its one of my biggest pedantic bugbears.

Bunbaker · 11/09/2013 07:24

Oh, and of instead of have really annoys me.

PrincessFlirtyPants · 11/09/2013 07:26

JumpingJackSprat My SIL is an English teacher but still manages to say "it was the most nicest day ever" Angry

OnaPromise · 11/09/2013 07:31

People have always mixed these two words up haven't they? I don't think it is anything new. Although where I live, people don't even say 'brought', they say 'brung'.

Bunbaker · 11/09/2013 08:16

And people who say haitch instead of aitch for the letter H.

JessieMcJessie · 12/09/2013 07:37

Seriously? I've never heard or read this. So people might say "I brought him an ice cream"? How would you know if they meant purchased for him or carried over to him?

Is this yet another thing driven by the fact that English people ( as opposed to Scots like me) don't pronounce a lot of "r"s so they are starting to become optional?

WMittens · 14/09/2013 16:22

Ask them when was the last time they went to bing and bruy sale.

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