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Plural of Converse.

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LynetteScavo · 17/08/2013 21:30

As in the shoes.

Recently I've heard two different couples discussing "Converses". Hmm

DH and I think you wear a pair of Converse. Even if we both wore Converse, we would be wearing matching Converse. Definitely not matching Converses.

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omaoma · 17/08/2013 21:35

It's a pair of Converse, and I nearly wrote that leaving out the apostrophe!

sapfu · 17/08/2013 21:39

Yes a pair or pairs of Converse.

And please don't wear matching Converse - it's a slippery slope that ends with you looking like Howard and Hilda from Ever Decreasing Circles.

LynetteScavo · 17/08/2013 21:44

Hahahaha! DH and DS1 wouldn't be seen dead in Converse, because and I wear them, and they don't want to look like me! Grin

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