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Daring do

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Jux · 01/08/2013 23:10

Film 4 announcer. The phrase is derring do.

However, as it is from Middle English and meant 'daring to do', I can almost see my way to letting it go.

No, actually. I can't Grin

It's no wonder so many people have crap grammar, when the tv announcers get it wrong.

OP posts:
SanityClause · 01/08/2013 23:13

I was just getting on my high horse to correct your spelling.

So, now I've climbed back down again.

pookamoo · 01/08/2013 23:15

What sanity said. I saw your title ans said out loud "It's derring do, isn't it?" Grin

stealthsquiggle · 01/08/2013 23:17

Definitely Derring Do. Tweet them, or something.

Jux · 02/08/2013 18:35

Grin Sanity, Pookamoo.

Stealth, I would, but my Twitter account was opened so long ago and has been so little used that I can't for the life of me remember my password. TBH, I don't even want to remember my password.

OP posts:
Cooroo · 07/08/2013 23:01

Daring do bugs me too. Also 'he did it off his own back' instead of 'bat'.

My granny used to say 'calm as a milk pond'!

TravelinColour · 07/08/2013 23:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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