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TheMagicMumber · 15/02/2013 15:06

'everyday' - adjective, yes?

Not to replace 'every day'?

OP posts:
somebloke123 · 15/02/2013 15:10

Yes I think you are correct.

AMumInScotland · 15/02/2013 15:39

Yes, it's an adjective. So you could have "everyday plates", or "everyday shoes".

They would be the plates/shoes that you use every day.

Trills · 15/02/2013 15:56


"These toilets are cleaned everyday" is wrong.

TheMagicMumber · 16/02/2013 00:03

Good. I wish someone would tell DD's teacher! And lots of MNers, but never mind...

OP posts:
CocktailQueen · 02/03/2013 19:43

It is an Americanism that has crept in. I'm an editor and authors use it. I change it!

RedLentil · 02/03/2013 19:57

I'm an editor too, and the compound word is totally acceptable as an adjective (e.g. 'These are my everyday clothes').

You need to use the two words separately when you're trying to communicate the same kind of thing in an adverbial phrase: as an answer to a 'when?' question, you could write 'I wear these clothes every day').

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