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Confused by 'til or till

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Loz1980 · 15/02/2013 13:24

Hi I'm new to MN but thrilled to find Pedants' corner. Could someone please explain whether it is ever Ok
to use 'till' as a shortened form of 'until'
I always use ''til' but see 'till' used so often I'm beginning to question what is correct. Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Havingkittens · 15/02/2013 13:26

'til is correct. The apostrophe replaces the missing letters from until which only has one L. Till is what you get in shops.

TwllBach · 15/02/2013 13:26
HotTamaleWoman · 15/02/2013 13:29

Both are acceptable, but till is actually more correct. It is an older form.

PrincessFiorimonde · 15/02/2013 13:39

HotTamale is right.


I think 'til is used more in the USA and till used more in the UK, but I could have just imagined that.

Loz1980 · 15/02/2013 13:53

Thanks Princess. I always thought it was the other way round and that those 'dumb Yanks' couldn't cope with an apostrophe so used 'till' . Wish I knew for sure though as I'd hate to think I was using the American version.

OP posts:
Havingkittens · 15/02/2013 14:01

That's interesting. I thought the same as Loz.

Strix · 15/02/2013 14:07

Well, being a "dumb" yank I shall plan both feet firmly in the 'til camp.

Till is the British word for cashier.

"Dumb" yank... Hmm

PrincessFiorimonde · 15/02/2013 14:29

Poor Strix! Grin

I don't know how authoritative this site is, but it seems to agree with me. And with Strix, of course. ('Because many Americans mistakenly view till as incorrect, the word is much more common outside American English'). So I'm hoping it's right!

newgirl · 15/02/2013 14:31

sorry if im editing a book I will always change either to until - its fine in spoken language, but a bit odd in written

gastrognome · 17/02/2013 06:56

I always remember an old dictionary of mine (Collins, I think) that asserted that "till" is not a contraction of "until", and therefore "'til" is incorrect.

I must admit to absolutely loathing the apostrophised version. It truly sets my teeth on edge. "Till" is fine though.

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