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"going forwards"

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tangofan · 13/11/2012 12:01

Not sure if this qualifies for a posting here but recently read - and empathised with - a similar post regarding businesses using "ourselves/yourselves", etc and it made me think of the infuriating habit of using the phrase "going forward" in what is presumably an attempt to sound more professional/business-like in offices but just makes me grind my teeth. My place of work fucking loves "going forward" and it has driven me insane for years. I can just about cope with it when in more appropriate context, e.g. some business plan about to change but it's the over-use of it that sounds so pretentious. For example:
"this has been a problem in the past but going forward we hope to resolve it"
"going forward the new manager will be..."
?historically we continued business over the christmas period, however, going forward we will be closing the office"

Arrggh. Angry Basically every change ? no matter how insignificant must be signposted with the "going forward" flag. Whatever happened to "from now on" or "in future"??! Would you talk like that at home? "Well, I always used to shop at Tesco but going forward I will be using Asda" Exactly. Pretentious nonsense. Confused

OP posts:
somebloke123 · 14/11/2012 11:53

Yes drives me bonkers too.

Once it starts though some people just seem to have minds like blotting paper and they just soak it up and regurgitate it.

prism · 14/11/2012 22:31

I think it possibly reflects the vast arrogance (he said modestly) of the current age. As if there were some option about whether to "go forwards"- people using this phrase sound as though they will continue their trajectory through the continuum of time when, and only when, they are ready. It's not so much "stop the world I want to get off" as "Stop the world until we have had this management meeting and all focussed objectives have been given vertical solutions, going forwards".

I'm not very good at this kind of vocabulary Blush

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