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How to remember lose/ loose?

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Wigeon · 24/10/2012 19:45

I am usually super-good at being a pedant - I always use apostrophes correctly, I never confuse your and you're, I can spell necessary, committee and so on, I know the difference between a counsellor and councillor or advice and advise, I never split my infinitives...but I have a big mental block when it comes to lose / loose type words. Especially "loosing" or "losing".

So lose - you can't find it
Loose - it isn't tight

but is it then

losing - I am losing my memory
loosing - word doesn't exist?

Help! How to remember?! There must be a little saying for it, like "i before e except after c". Any tips gratefully received.

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Greythorne · 24/10/2012 19:48

It's easy. Just think how you spell "goose". Now, that's a word you can't imagine getting wrong, I'm sure. Now, goose rhymes with loose. They sound the same and are spelt the same.


Wigeon · 24/10/2012 21:37

Ah ha! That's a good tip.


loose - not tight
lose - can't find it

losing - I'm losing my marbles
loosing - made-up word.


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poppyknot · 24/10/2012 21:41

Thanks to both of you. The Goose / Loose thing is brillinatly simple Greyt!

HoratiaWinwood · 24/10/2012 21:53

Loosing is a real word, but not one you will ever use.

The verb loose means "let loose, untie" as in loosing arrows or loosing livestock. You might loose your goose Grin

I also remember that lose has the same beginning as lost.

CatWithKittens · 25/10/2012 10:50

If you loose your goose you will lose it.

iseenodust · 25/10/2012 10:56

There's a moose loose about this house - Scots accent req!

Wigeon · 25/10/2012 12:28

Great! I am now 100% confirmed pedant and can merrily judge others when they misuse loose and lose!

Thank you all. Grin

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