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As a returning mumsnetter

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ohmichellemichelle · 14/10/2012 21:19

I'm just wondering, now that many of us will now be iPhone and iPad mnetters, is it okay to post the most diabolical, typo littered posts? What's the general sentiment?

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germyrabbit · 14/10/2012 21:20

no Grin

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn · 14/10/2012 21:20

No. I hate typos. Sorry Wink

ChristmasKate · 14/10/2012 21:21

Depends on the typo.

Minge is a recent favourite.

Katisha · 14/10/2012 21:25

The general procedure is to press send on your post, realise with horror that it's been turned into Phoneglish, then spend another couple of posts doing notes and corrections.

ohmichellemichelle · 14/10/2012 21:28

Oh dear. I hate poor apostrophisation in particular. But if iPhone doesn't think I need an appstrophe (when clearly I do) I just can't be, somehow, arsed. Hmm

I particularly struggle to correct a rAndom capitalisation also.

OP posts:
ohmichellemichelle · 14/10/2012 21:29

iPhone thinks I need a pee

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