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I read dh's texts

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Peacocklady · 07/09/2012 17:58

I just had to get this out because I read dh's phone without his knowledge. I read a text from a female colleague, saying '...peoples'...'
The thing is she prides herself as a pedant and apostrophe snob and she should clearly have put 'people's'. Dh says she can be quite uppity and competitive so I'm dying to point this out, but, a) I'd have to admit to reading his texts for no reason other than the phone being there on the bed while I was drying my hair and b) I'd look like a dick. But it does annoy me that people have started putting an apostrophe at the end of plurals that don't end in an s; I keep seeing things like childrens' and womens' around and it's as if people are trying really hard with their apostrophes and still not getting it quite right!

OP posts:
PedanticPanda · 07/09/2012 18:10

Leave the bastard!

Northey · 11/09/2012 20:34

To defend her, belatedly, she could have been going for a biblical/churchy vibe. You often get "peoples" as a synonym for "races" or "nations".

"Let the peoples praise you, O God" in one of the psalms, for example.

Fink · 17/09/2012 16:33

I'd take her number down from DH's phone then text her anonymously from a different one to correct her. Creep her out, the faux-pedant!

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