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your/ you're

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teachertrainer80 · 29/08/2012 16:52

Is it just me or is the use of 'your' instead of the correct 'you're' (that is, a contraction of 'you are') becoming more prevalent? I seem to see it on at least 2 facebook posts a day and all over this forum. Drives me crazy! My family do it all the time too including my dear niece who has just been accepted on to a teacher training course. Argh!

OP posts:
chocoluvva · 29/08/2012 20:40

Very tiresome indeed. I quite agree!

LadySybildeChocolate · 29/08/2012 20:43

Or 'cum' instead of 'come' {grinds teeth}

Trills · 29/08/2012 20:46

I've not noticed it becoming more common.

teachertrainer80 · 30/08/2012 09:24

Maybe it's not becoming more common but social media means I notice it more. Seems to be the worst offender in terms of spelling and grammar abuse!

OP posts:
NoComet · 30/08/2012 09:34


I seem to find it impossible to get it right on an iPod keyboard. Your is sitting there on the top line, you're means digging out the'.

Catsmamma · 30/08/2012 09:41

I have noticed it too

and they ALWAYS say oh you know what I meant if you mention a correction, which is totally not the point.

bugster · 30/08/2012 09:55

The thing that is driving me crazy at the moment is people using 'of' instead of 'have' as in 'I should of done something'. I see that all over mumsnet and have to keep correcting my DDs

Roseformeplease · 30/08/2012 09:57

Try teaching English. My teeth are ground away to stumps and my blood pressure is through the roof. Also their / there / they're. The of instead of have is to do with sloppy pronunciation being written down. I blame Eastenders and "Youf" TV presenters.

trilottie · 30/08/2012 09:59

Yup, totally agree. On another point, I went to a local primary school last night for an NCT class and a sign on the back of the loo door said 'Please flush the toilet's after using'.

chocoluvva · 30/08/2012 11:47

Disappointing and irritating indeed.
What hope.....?

Myliferocks · 30/08/2012 11:51

There doesn't seem to be a t sound in the English language anymore as well.
I'm forever correcting words like butter.
According to the way my children say it it has no t's in it.
( please feel free to correct any grammar and spelling mistakes in this post ).

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