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So I know you write Charles' instead of Charles's but how do you say it?

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cleanandclothed · 17/08/2012 12:49

I presumed you still say Charles's. But Steven Fry reading Harry Potter pronounces Sirius' as Sirius not Sirius's. What is right?

OP posts:
belindarose · 17/08/2012 12:51

I would trust Steven Fry!

Bluestocking · 17/08/2012 12:53

I think it sounds like Charleziz. But I would also say Siriusiz, so what do I know?

savoycabbage · 17/08/2012 12:57

In 'eats shoots and leaves' it says you should use what sounds better, what makes the sentence flow. It is the meaning that is being conveyed that is important rather than what is correct according to the rules. It says that it is a bit ridiculous to insist on James' pencil case rather than James's pencil case.

cleanandclothed · 17/08/2012 12:59

Oh good, I'll go with eats shoots and leaves then. I had never even considered that you wouldn't add the 'ziz' however you write it.

OP posts:
chicaguapa · 17/08/2012 13:14

Tbh these days (and I am a pedant) I write it how it is said, so Charlesiz would be Charles's or Jamesiz would be James's.

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