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Writing a joint statement

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ComradeJing · 16/08/2012 02:11

DH and I are writing a joint statement for a visa application. It is about how we met and how our relationship developed. At the moment I have written a version of:

We met in 2003 at the pub. ComradeJing was visiting family in the area and ComradeDH was living in the area. We spent the rest of the visit doing crosswords and bird watching.

Is that a looney way of writing it? Should I write instead:

ComradeJing and ComradeDH met in 2003 at the pub. ComradeJing...

I don't want to write "ComradeDH and I met in 2003..." because it is supposed to be a joint statement.

What do you thinK?

OP posts:
WMittens · 16/08/2012 19:50

Sounds OK to me, apart from, "...the pub." You met at "a pub," unless there is only one of them.

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