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Re-cycle or recycle?

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lookout · 14/06/2012 21:39

Ds1 in Yr2 has come home from school several times with what I see to be errors in homework and spelling tasks. A few weeks ago he had 8 spellings to learn, all with pre-fixes. But many of them were not spellings I would use or have seen: re-cycle, de-frost etc. When confronted, the teacher said that these were acceptable spellings and she wanted the children to be aware that different people use different spellings Hmm

Equally, in the half-term homework suggestions, the spelling 'focussing' was used. Is this also an 'acceptable spelling'?

Many thanks in advance Smile

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Seona1973 · 15/06/2012 11:33

This says that either can be used but the single 's' is preferred

MirandaGoshawk · 15/06/2012 20:12

Agree with Seona that focusing is preferable but but focussing is accepted. As for your examples - the teacher is bonkers. No-one writes de-frost or re-cycle these days.

lookout · 15/06/2012 20:52

Interesting. Thank you.

I don't feel quite so bad now for challenging the prefix nonsense. I told ds1 to just leave out the hyphen Grin

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